Women Who Wear - Maitreya Brooks


Wearing the Petite Drop Heart Earring & Cleo Pearl Necklace


Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi!! I’m a gal from Portland, Oregon who juggles different gigs/hobbies such as digital marketing, recipe creation, influencer relations, event planning, and my current role as the community manager for a wellness company based out of New York! I love all things in the beauty and wellness space and am passionate about supporting local / small / and women-owned companies.


We see that you work at Golde! What is your role there, what do you love most about it and how did you get involved?

Yes! So I am the community manager for Golde, which is a pretty inclusive role. Golde is a wellness company that makes products focused around superfoods - we currently have tonic blends and face masks! I manage Golde’s partnerships, plan events, run the Instagram account, manage influencers/ambassadors, I’m the people person! I really enjoy working with the community and creating connections with our customers. I found Golde through Instagram after I saw an image of their product on a shelf and followed because I loved the branding! It started out as an internship and then transitioned into a position!


Wearing the White Pearl Necklace 


How would you describe your personal style and what influences it?

100% comfy! I am big on comfort and stick to clothes that are loose and soft! I reach for jumpsuits most days of the week, but also love a long dress with a sweater, or loose high waisted pants with a cute top. I am constantly reselling clothes I don’t wear, so my closet is actually quite small! I have a handful of favorite jumpsuits, crewnecks, loose pants and tank tops that I rotate through, and layer depending on the weather. I definitely let comfort influence my style and only make purchases that I know I’ll be able to wear that item frequently and with a bunch of different outfits. I feel very practical with my clothing.


Wearing the White Pearl Necklace

We love seeing you support small and ethical brands on your Instagram page, why do you feel it is important to support them? 

I love how easy Instagram has made it to be able to shop small! I am constantly finding incredible small brands through Instagram that turn out to be a go-to brand for me. There is so much thought and passion that goes into these small companies, and the products they create feel so special and valuable to me. I’ve been lucky to get to know the owners of a lot of the brands I love and the connection I’m able to make with them is really really amazing. I love being able to follow the journey of small brands and watch them grow and glow-up into these badass companies.


I always love looking at your content for creative inspiration, where do you pull yours from? 

I love turning to a few of my fav gals on Instagram for color inspiration and to look at the different ways people pair simple outfits. I don’t buy new clothes often so I love to find new ways to re-wear favorite pieces of mine.


What are your three favorite things right now?! 

Kevita pomegranate kombucha, f.m. miller skin oil, and my crocs ;)


Lastly, what are your weekend plans!

I am headed to the beach this weekend! I live in Oregon where the sun is shy but it’s supposed to be 90° this weekend so we’re spending it outside!